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All advertisements for posts are accepted in good faith. Teachers Job World viz. reserves the right to refuse or amend any advertisement submitted. Teachers Job World viz. makes no claims as to the validity or accuracy of employment information contained within this advertisement, we simply work as a conduit for this information. Teachers Job World viz. shall bear no responsibility for the outcome of any position to which an individual might apply. Prior to accepting employment, job-seekers are advised to fully research about employers and request references as and when required. We also suggest a legally-binding agreement/contract is signed between the job-seeker and employer, prior to taking up employment. Views expressed by advertisers/contributors are not necessarily those of Teachers Job World viz. or its management.

Application Advisory

When applying for any position, applicants are reminded of the following: Most reputable employers do not request any payment in advance for offering a job position offered until it comes with some training option. We suggest you neither send any payment nor original certificates or diplomas as part of an application. Applicants are also reminded that prior to accepting employment, it is essential to learn about the employer and ask for appropriate references. Signing a legally-binding agreement/contract is feasible between the job-seeker and employer, prior to taking up any employment.

Your Safety

There are several common-sense factors you should consider when applying for a job, attending an interview or working abroad.

  • Do not provide any banking or credit card information when applying for a job.
  • If you are concerned about divulging your home address in your resume, consider using a post office box or similar forwarding address.
  • When attending a job interview, if you feel in any way uncomfortable with the situation or the person/s you are dealing with, walk away. Also consider your work location; do you feel it is safe? Would you be happy to work there late at night?
  • Always let your family or friend know that you are attending an interview and don’t forget to inform about the time and place. Acquaint yourself fully with how to reach the interview venue and return from there.
  • Make sure the interview is always arranged during daytime.
  • If the job appears to be "too good to be true", it probably is not. Fully research the employer via web forums, search engines and previous employees. Most reputable employers should be happy to help you get in touch with previous/current staff.
  • As previously stated, no reputable employer will ask you for money (even for visa, work-permit etc.). If an advertiser does ask you for payment, refuse and contact us immediately.
  • As a Teachers Job World viz. member your resume contact details are not visible in the public domain. Only registered employers can view your resume.
  • Register with your embassy as soon as you arrive in the host country. Your safety is of paramount importance. If you feel uneasy with any part of the application procedure or interview, walk away!

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