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3rd October, 2017

5 technologies that are transforming corporate learning

As the pace of technological change accelerates, employers are struggling to keep up.

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2nd October, 2017

The impact of a mobile-first HR strategy on employee engagement

In today’s fast-paced, hyper-digital world, adopting a mobile-first technology strategy has been a high priority for many industries including retail, travel, financial services and insura...

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27th September, 2017

How the ESL Industry in China is Changing

China is the wild west of the teaching world. With a booming ESL market, an obsession with English, and a growing economy, China's newest generation of parents are obsessed with providing their c...

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26th September, 2017

10 Ways Young Generations Are Better Than Their Parents

Young people get a bad rap. Current generations are often portrayed as unmotivated and irresponsible compared to the hard-working, sensible generations that came before them. Howev...

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23rd September, 2017

20|20 proud to become members of the East of England Energy Group(EEEGR)

20|20 Business are delighted and proud to have become members of the East of England Energy Group(EEEGR).


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22nd September, 2017

Students with Learning Disabilities Can Learn New Languages

Laura Grey is proficient in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. She is also learning Russian, Mandarin Chinese and Dutch. She is doing this although she has a learning d...

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21st September, 2017

Today's teenagers growing up more slowly

A new study says today's teenagers are growing up more slowly than previous generations. Research from San Diego State University looked at data on teenage behaviour from the past 40 years, between 19...

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20th September, 2017

Study: 60% of workforce will be independent by 2027

MBO Partners, a service provider for the self-employed, predicts in a report that 60% of the workforce will be independent professionals by 2027.


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18th September, 2017

Want a fresh approach to learning? Let workers take it on the go

Corporate learning, like many aspects of an organization, must be continually evolving and improving. Adopting a more agile mindset in the development of learning content is one way to ensure tha...

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16th September, 2017

Understanding the shift from ILT to real-world scenarios in corporate learning

In recent times, corporate learning has taken on many formats — from classroom instructor led training complimented by online components to more on-demand content like Massive Open Online ...

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